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We asked ourselves - is there a smarter way?

A smarter way to get more planning done, but with fewer planners. A smarter way to get control, without lifting a finger. A way to always find the cost optimal trip. In real time. Today we have the answer: BX autonomous inventory routing, the mother of all fleet controls. Our algorithms will make manual planning unnecessary.

The BX engine plans, monitors and reconciles trips 24/7. Converting real time data into more efficient trucking. Resulting in reduced cost on the road, reduced cost in the office and improved customer service. This will reinvent the way-of-working for shippers, customers, planners, carriers and drivers.

Three things that make us unique.


Business intelligence

Business intelligence is all about data analysis and the development of cutting edge algorithms. Bottomline has an own algorithm engineering team that consists of award winning experts recruited from universities.


User experience

User experience is all about offering supply chain partners a user friendly environment to collaborate in. Shippers, customers, planners, carriers and drivers can access BX via portal or on-the-road app.


System agility

System agility is all about creating a rock solid system environment that ensures BX has an excellent uptime, is scalable, cost efficient and easy to integrate with providers of real time data.

Why go from A to Z when you can go from B to X?

BX enables planning professionals to plan, monitor and reconcile their trips more efficiently within one screen, with all the information that you need right at your finger tips. Autonomous planning, full manual planning, or a set-up in between. The choice is yours.

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What is under the hood?

BX enables you to implement the business concept of autonomous inventory routing. This requires smart algorithms, integration with real time data providers and a solid architecture. BX delivers all.


Smart algorithms

BX contains smart algorithms required to forecast inventories, generate VMI orders, generate trips and optimize trips. When you go autonomous, these algorithms are triggered in real time each time when new data is received or operational issues are detected. This continuous recalculation of trips ensures that once a truck driver has finished the trip, BX is able to provide the next trip that is optimized based on the latest information.


Real time data

The more real time data is offered, the more efficient planning BX can provide back. We are planning to integrate 8 types of real time data in BX. Real time delivery, inventory, sales and weather data is important to forecast more precisely in order to increase drop size and avoid empty tanks at VMI sites. Real time capacity, financial, order and traffic data is important to avoid inefficiencies and to react adequately to operational issues.


Solid architecture

The BX architecture is based on reactive principles which rely on event driven communication empowered by AxonIQ and being managed by production grade orchestration platform Kubernetes for elasticity and resilience. BX runs on the Google Cloud Platform and is built as a service-oriented architecture using the Spring framework and mainly realized with Kotlin. Services are packaged in Docker containers for machine independent deployment.


Schedule a BX demo and find out how easy it is to manage your trucks.

Let us show you in a demo how BX works and point out where we expect you to generate new business value.

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Which BX subscription
plan do you need?

Bottomline offers 4 BX subscription plans. With BX Essentials you can create orders and trips in a manual way. With BX Advanced you can generate VMI orders in an automated way but create trips in a manual way. With BX Professional you can generate both VMI orders and trips in an automated way. With BX Autonomous you can generate and reroute trips autonomously in real time.  

We suggest that you first subscribe to BX for a subscription plan that is in line with your current daily planning process. While you get familiar with BX, we can simultaneously work with you to scale-up to BX Autonomous, to experience the extra value that this innovative concept delivers.



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