Let us help to match your demand with our capacity.

The transport service is offered to companies that want to profit from the shared truck concept that we provide in the Benelux with a large fleet of non-branded trucks. With this concept we can give you per depot the exact truck capacity needed to deliver your demand and make your fixed cost variable. Also if you run unexpectedly in a shortage of truck drivers for an unforeseen period of time, we can help you on a spot basis with extra truck capacity.

Our service activities

Order taking

Your CMI customers can call or mail us to place orders. We can enter these orders in your ERP system if credit checking is required or directly in our software if this is not required.

Inventory management

We are able to calculate for your VMI customers based on inventories or sales when the minimum storage level is reached and how much to deliver to maximize dropsize and avoid runouts.

Trip planning

Our planners review all received CMI orders and calculated VMI orders and plan these on the available trucks in the most efficient way while adhering to all delivery constraints.


We subcontract the majority of the transport to business partner Schenk and in addition we use oil distributors so we can provide our customers with a high degree of flexibility.

Incident management

Our planners are available on a 7/24 basis to react to all incidents that are reported by phone by customers or by truck drivers and require a change in the trip planning.

Trip reconciliation

After trips are executed we review all data received from the driver app. If these data are entered manually we check these vs. documents to ensure that every liter loaded is also delivered.


Three reasons to use our shared trucks

  1. We can offer you very competitive transport fees from depots where we have shared trucks available and where you want to match your truck capacity exactly with your demand to avoid any inefficiencies.

  2. We can scale-up or down immediately when your logistics network changes, both on the loading side, as well as on the delivery side, so your cost levels do not change.

  3. We can help when your truck driver is suddenly unavailable or your truck has to go to the garage and you want to secure your product supply during this uncertain period.

Working with Bottomline means we can leave the entire planning process to them. They’re a solid partner we can rely on.

Rick Verhulst

Heads of Fuels

We can rely on Bottomline 24/7. It’s an excellent working partnership: at times it feels more like working with colleagues than with a supplier.

Danny de Bruijn

Manager Purchase & Supply

Bottomline ‘s shared truck concept and continuous focus on optimization helps Lukoil to sell products at very competitive prices at the pump.

Luc De Decker

Terminal and Transport Manager


Interested in our transport service?

In case you want to talk to me about our transport service, please request a call and I will meet with you shortly.

Jordy van de Griend, Sales manager

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