Bottomline is a software supplier that always keeps a close eye on the business value that is achieved by our customers. This is the reason why we offer services with regard to planning, transport and wetstock management, to help you to get the best out of our software. Interested to know more. Please contact us today!

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Planning Service

This service is offered to companies that want to outsource their in-house planning or are looking for an alternative for carrier planning. The planning service is a real partnership model where Bottomline and customer collaborate as one team. It starts with a supply chain analysis to determine the current cost and performance level. Achieved savings versus this benchmark are shared between partners during the contract period.

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Transport Service

This service is offered to companies that want to profit from the shared truck concept that we provide in the Benelux with a large fleet of non-branded trucks. With this concept we can give you per depot the exact truck capacity needed to deliver your demand and make your fixed cost variable. Also if you run unexpectedly in a shortage of truck drivers for an unforeseen period of time, we can help you on a spot basis with extra truck capacity.

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Wetstock Management

This service is offered to oil companies that want to avoid product losses in their fuel stations network. On a daily basis our wetstock analysts compare pump meter readings vs. tank gauge readings, with the objective to find extreme variances as soon as possible. The earlier theft, a leak or meter drifting is detected, the faster corrective actions can be taken and the smaller the financial impact is of these incidents.

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