Did you miss the BX launch?
Please watch back what happened.

Bottomline launches the new logistics platform BX

Bottomline, a supplier of planning solutions for fuels and gases, has launched the new logistics platform BX that makes autonomous planning possible and enables users to optimize trucks in real time based on AI.

BX is a smart and user friendly logistics platform that is fully in the cloud. In BX you can do all your work in just one screen. It has one never ending plan with trips in the past, present and future. BX provides real time visibility of issues and status. And it has smart algorithms to support you.

BX automates not only the planning. It not only optimizes the planning. But what it really does is bringing the planning into real time. In real time we are able to react immediately to changes and incidents in the supply chain by re-routing and re-planning. And that’s why we can avoid empty customers tanks, that’s why we can optimize the supply chain cost and that’s why when the planner is sleeping, on vacation or leaving the company, your planning is in the good hands of BX.  


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