Transparent, reliable logistics: why Haan works with Bottomline

Haan operates a growing network of successful fuel stations with high-quality shop and service formulas. Outsourcing its fuel delivery planning to Bottomline made sense: “It’s a discipline in its own right, that we would rather leave to specialists.”




Fuel stations





Ensuring timely, well-planned fuel transports is something we would rather leave to specialists.


De Haan Minerale Oliën (De Haan Mineral Oils, DHMO) is a family business that over its 65-year history has grown to include a network of almost 500 fuel stations in the Netherlands and Belgium, under four different brands including its own: haan. 115 of those stations are staffed and operated using two successful, high-quality shop formulas: Tony’s Street Food and Tony’s Coffee & More..

The challenge

Rick Verhulst, Head of Fuels & Cards: “Our strategy is very much about combining various commercial activities: fuel sales, but also high-quality food service outlets, car wash facilities… That’s our core business, and that’s what we’re good at. Ensuring timely, well-planned fuel transports is another discipline, that would take up a lot of our time and that we would rather leave to specialists.”

Why Bottomline?

“We have outsourced a large part of our planning and transports to Bottomline for many years now. And they have proven themselves to be reliable partners. They are definitely willing to go the extra mile, and to do everything that’s technically possible to ensure our stations are stocked. Even, or especially, when circumstances are difficult.”

“For example, we had some problems in recent summers because of a shortage of supply at some depots, because of low water levels in rivers or geopolitical circumstances. And I know that for them, driver shortages can be a problem as well.  Such challenges can put a partnership to the test, but it’s precisely at such moments that Bottomline have made a difference. We know that we can rely on them 24/7, to solve problems together. It’s an excellent working partnership. In fact, at times it feels more like working with colleagues than with a supplier.”

The results

“We’re confident that together we’re doing everything we can to maximize efficiency. Outsourcing your planning means that you place a great deal responsibility for your supply with an external partner. That requires trust, but also transparency.”

“Over the years we’ve finetuned the way our systems interact, so we get periodical reports with exactly the information we need. We regularly review our priorities and possibilities for further optimization. And Bottomline keeps us informed on any issues in the supply chain, and what they’re doing to tackle any bottlenecks. I appreciate that openness: it gives me the confidence that they’re doing everything in their power to solve such issues.”