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Bottomline has developed a 3-step process to analyze whether your supply chain is set up and managed in an optimal way. Try our calculator to get a preview of potential cost savings you could achieve.

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Do you have an optimal supply chain?

Do you buy at the right depots? Do you have the right number of trucks? Are trucks parked at the right locations? Do truck specifics match your customer requirements? Are planners achieving the right balance between high truck productivity and low number of stock-outs? Leverage our Supply Chain Analysis method to answer these questions.

In 3 steps, analyze whether your supply chain is set up and managed optimally.

Step 1 - Data collection

We start with a comprehensive data collection phase. You fill out for the last 12 months where you have loaded, where you have delivered and which vehicles you have used. This gives us a good insight in the set-up of your supply chain.

Step 2 - Matching model

After all the required data is collected and validated, we start with the development of a matching model. We take all your data and put it in our simulation model. Finetuning of the model is done in close collaboration with the customer.

Step 3 - Running simulations

Once we have made the match together, you are ready to start with running the simulations. In this last phase we evaluate what cost savings can be achieved for different scenarios.

Why choose Bottomline?

  • Comprehensive analysis: We delve deep into your supply chain data to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

  • Customized solutions: Our tailored models simulate your operations, identifying the best strategies for cost savings and efficiency gains.

  • Proven results: Our clients have seen significant improvements in their supply chain performance.

Ready to transform your supply chain?

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“Bottomline has first given us the insights that we can improve our cryo-service planning and now as a follow-up we have asked Bottomline to take care of this.”

Marco van Weerden

Head of Deliver BLX

“The simulation model developed by Bottomline was a valuable tool for us in optimizing our propane distribution.”

Gerwin Mulder

Operations Director

“Bottomline's experience allows them to do in-depth analysis and deliver real savings whilst challenging the status quo and 'myths' of the supply chain.”

George Roberts

EVP Maghreb and Indian Ocean


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