Bottomline and MOL Group kick-off second phase

In October 2021 MOL Group, a Hungarian Oil & Gas company, selected Bottomline as the preferred supplier for the routing & scheduling software after a competitive tender project.

In the first phase of collaboration Bottomline and MOL worked on a conceptual design, with the objective to further clarify the requirements and scope of the project. This phase was completed and delivered successfully in June 2022.

Now Bottomline and MOL move into the second phase. In this phase the focus will be on what is required to implement the Bottomline software for Hungary, the first country that will go-live. Bottomline engineers will first develop the interfaces that are required to integrate with the MOL systems. Also on request of MOL we will make a few software enhancements that are required in Hungary. When that work is done, we can set-up the software with data, do the end-to-end testing and work towards a go-live. This go-live is planned for the beginning of 2024.

Once the first country Hungary is live, Bottomline and MOL will accelerate the roll-out to the other countries where MOL Group operates. The goal is to have the roll-out completed in 7 countries by the end of 2026.

“We are happy to have Bottomline selected as our supplier for this important project” said Krisztina Eliasz, Head of Group Transportation at MOL. “Bottomline showed to us during the tender not only that they have developed a very complete and solid solution, but more importantly that they have a strong business knowledge, as they use their own software also to deliver planning services. That gives us a lot of confidence in their ability to deliver.”

“To win the contract at MOL was great and we are looking forward to deliver successful go-lives in the years to come”, said Léon van Rijswijk, CEO of Bottomline. “The collaboration with MOL gives us a strong position in Eastern Europe. From our office in Prague we expect to be able to expand our business offerings in this region, both on the software, as well as on the services side.”