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Specialized in liquid tank transports throughout Europe: fuels, lubricating oils, LPG, industrial gases, LNG, bitumen and chemicals


Specialized in liquid tank transports throughout Europe: fuels, lubricating oils, LPG, industrial gases, LNG, bitumen and chemicals

Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) includes Bottomline’s software in its portfolio of solutions for the Middle-Eastern and African (MEA) market.

“At DFS, we offer customers a wetstock management solution, which allows them to locate, identify and mitigate instances of fuel loss based on real-time data from a variety of sources,” says Kurt Dillen, DFS vice president of business development. “Through our partnership with Bottomline, we can extend the scope of our support and offer a true end-to-end solution from depot to receipt.”

Jorge Bastos, solutions manager at DFS for the MEA region, is convinced there is a market for such supply chain optimization here. “Some of our customers are large, state-owned companies who operate all fuel stations in their country. They need the tools to monitor and optimize distribution flows and manage the risk of ‘foreign’ oil slipping into distribution chains.”

“From the perspective of individual fueling stations, many still use paper-based processes or basic Excel files to manage stocks and supply. So, there is a lot of scope for efficiency gains by moving from largely manual processes to smart, digital planning solutions.”

There is one major caveat. “You always need to tailor a product or service to local needs and requirements,” Bastos explains. “To mention just one example, Bottomline has adapted its software to the fact that payment here often precedes delivery, as opposed to the European model with bank guarantees and credit line.”

“One of the things we like about Bottomline’s software in general is its flexibility and versatility,” says Dillen. “We have similar technological roadmaps, both moving towards cloud-based solutions, so possible synergies exist. Yet the Bottomline software can also be installed locally – which for many of our customers is an important prerequisite at this point.”

As another example, Bottomline’s software can accommodate both CMI and VMI models, which involve very different planning processes. “CMI is the standard approach in this region at the moment, but I think there is definitely room to develop VMI models over time,” Bastos explains.

In the MEA markets, this will require investing in close personal relationships with customers. “Ultimately, what you need in a partner is a cultural fit. And that’s what we have with Bottomline,” according to Dillen. “There’s a willingness on both sides to explore new markets, to be open to the needs of local customers and to have the flexibility to adapt.”

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