“I enjoy the challenge of getting the puzzle just right”

Babette - Testimonial_Cropped

“I’ve been working here for almost 11 years. I started out in an administrative role, and after a while I was asked if I wanted to become a planner. I was a bit hesitant, but decided to try it. I was given all the help I needed to grow into the role, and we agreed beforehand that it would be entirely up to me to decide if I wanted to keep doing it. And I did!”

“My job is planning fuel transports, working with various trucks and for different customers. It can be a puzzle, but I enjoy the challenge of getting everything just right. To plan the various routes efficiently, and in line with the targets set by our customers. And while you’re working on that, unforeseen incidents may come up that you need to tackle straight away to keep the planning on track.”

“Bottomline has grown, but still has the atmosphere of a smaller company. People are very accessible, and as a planner you’re definitely part of a bigger team. Right now we’re developing a completely new planning platform, and we as planners are involved in that as well. Testing, giving feedback from a users’ perspective. There’s a real mentality here of doing things better all the time, and it’s nice to contribute to that!”

Transport planner

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