“As a developer, you have a voice here”

big-Rony Betzer

“I’ve always been a very ‘techie’ person. My academic training is in civil engineering, and nowadays software plays a large part in the products you develop as an engineer. That side has always appealed to me.”

“What I really enjoy about working here – and what I was looking for at the time when I joined Bottomline – was to work in an environment where you get to see the big picture. To work not only with other developers, but with product owners and users. I’m most productive when I understand what the product does, what challenges users face and how I can help them.”

“Working at Bottomline is exactly how it was described during my interviews, and by the developers I spoke to at the time. As a developer you have a voice, and the company is not afraid to try your ideas. If it works, we keep it. If not, we try something else. I like that flexibility, and the way the development process is managed. The best part of this job is when you see all those ideas come to life in a demo. And then to see the users respond and interact with what we’ve built. That’s what all the hard work leads up to.”

Software engineer

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