“New challenges are never far away”

Noel - Testimonial_Cropped

“In my role I’m basically the linchpin between our clients and our software developers. My job is to translate our clients’ needs to a tailored software solution that does exactly what they want it to do. It’s partly account management, but also includes guiding clients through the whole implementation phase and training users. If necessary I support clients on site.”

“I started at Bottomline after finishing my degree in Industrial Engineering. I had done internships at large corporates but preferred the atmosphere and opportunities that you get in a smaller company. Bottomline is an informal organization, with many young people, where you get a lot of room to take on new responsibilities.”

“In my case, that means that in a few years I’ve been able to progress from a customer support role to being the chief consultant for a project we’re doing for one of our biggest clients, which involves implementing our solutions throughout their network, in multiple countries. I’m enjoying it, even though at the same time I feel I’m ready for a new challenge. But with a radically new, intelligent software solution due to be launched shortly, I’m confident new opportunities won’t be far off.”

Business consultant

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